Summer 2012 Memories

It is that time of the year again – the Aspens are finally losing their golden leaves, the temperatures are dropping, and our last guests left on Saturday. As we close everything up for the winter, it’s fun for us to look back on the summer and the adventures that it held…so sit back with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, and reminisce with us about the summer of 2012!

  • We welcomed back guests for their 21st year, and welcomed many more for their first!


  • We started the summer with 2 new puppies, Sophie and Ash. Brooke and Braidyn learned dog training techniques, Sean and Tori learned that their house does in fact have an animal limit, and everyone on the ranch, guests and staff alike, had fun watching the puppies frolic!


  • We bought 20 new horses, bringing our total to 81 horses!


  • We celebrated our 25th year anniversary with old and new friends!


  • We had a black bear visit the ranch, and perform a little show for our guests in the parking lot. Have you ever seen a black bear run and jump into a tree? So cool!


  • We welcomed a moose family to the ranch- Dad, Mom, and two healthy twin babies. We hope they stick around next year too!


  • Tori’s re-decoration of the Rec Room was a hit, and we had more kids (and adults!) than ever playing darts, staging epic ping-pong battles, and more!

It’s always a little sad to move through the fall towards the cold winter, but it’s also exciting anticipating the upcoming summer, the new people we will get to meet, seeing our returning guests faces again, and the inevitable excitement that comes with dude ranching!Image


About grosventreriverranch

Located in the heart of Jackson Hole, the ranch is bordered by Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, and the Gros Ventre Wilderness Area. It combines the expansive wildlands and outdoor adventure of its neighbors with its brand of western style and hospitality to create lasting memories for guests.
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One Response to Summer 2012 Memories

  1. chris nischan says:

    The Nischan family is so happy we found a summer home. 2 times next year, I can’t wait! Thanks for the great memories and good luck, God speed to all.

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